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[3-Minute Read] Resilience: A superpower for entrepreneurs

You know that it's hard to keep going when things don't work out as an entrepreneur. But, when you are resilient, you can continue to bounce back.

Maintaining a positive attitude enables you to maintain resilience in the face of failure and draws on three components: knowing that things will eventually work out; self-efficacy (the belief that it is up to you to make things work); and hope (the idea that things will work out).

Did you know that there are days when even the most successful business has to deal with tough customer service situations? For example, a client might turn down your offer because they have signed up for another similar product. If this happens, how do you handle the situation? Do you feel anxious and down, or do you remain calm? What will you do?

The solution is resilience. You need to become resilient so that these situations won't knock you off track and make them stop being a problem for you. With resilience, they can even become opportunities!

When facing...

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3 Quick Tips To Boost Productivity This Long Weekend

Summertime is here! Do you have a long weekend or vacation coming?
Just because you cannot physically be at your desk on holiday may bring some serious challenges to your business. You are bound to have some busy days before the break, and even busy doesn't mean that you can't make the most of the time. You have to get some things done before you go.
The following three tips will help you and your business maintain momentum during a long holiday weekend.
Number One
Throughout your busy days, there may be times when you are not able to return a call or an email. Instead of letting it slide for another day, you can use automation tools to reply quickly with a pre-written message if an urgent question needs immediate attention. Otherwise, schedule them for replies when you are back in the office. These tools are used correctly and efficiently to keep your customers happy without taking up too much of your time.
Number Two
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Creating Balanced in an Unbalanced World


My friend, Annabel Kandiah, a life coach, author, and speaker who helps women balance their lives, unleash their true potential, and allow them to live the life they want is taking over our Tuesday Facebook Live tomorrow morning. 

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves.

I personally invited Annabel to speak about the Seven Oola Accelerators that will help you get to your goals faster. 

She will talk about “Blockers” which are traits that we subconsciously use to keep ourselves from living an amazing life. “Blockers” are the everyday responses, beliefs, and self-talk that keep us from pursuing our goals and focusing on our future. They’re the junk that keeps us from showing up fully, thinking of ourselves as worthy, or asking for what we need in order to be happy.

How To Be Unstoppable And Take Your Business To The Next Level? Adapt these Oola Accelerators #ReadySetGo

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The Power of The Personal Brand & How To Create One for Mom Entrepreneur

1 min 45 sec read


Hey there! I'm Faye; I am passionate about helping moms find their passion and purpose while raising a family. When I was a kid, I saw how my mother tries to do everything to be successful while raising four daughters by herself. Talk about a superhero! Watching my mother's effort made me want to work hard, too. When I decided to pursue my passion as an entrepreneur, I did it for two reasons. I did it partly because I dreamed of creating opportunities for others, especially for all the moms. Still, I also did it for my future kids and legacy to future generations. Going after the things we want in life is scary, but creating a plan, and having support can make it all possible.


I'll share a small secret. One of my favorite ways to stay motivated is to write down my why and hang it up. I put it on my mirror. In my bedroom. On the door of the fridge. Wherever I'm likely to see it because being an entrepreneur can be hard, and so a constant reminder of...

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Shift your Social Media Marketing this 2020 with these 5 Simple Proven Strategies

I get this question a lot when I am coaching Social Media Marketing. Can I turn my social media followers into a revenue channel?

Being successful online is challenging but doable. To make followers into a revenue channel, you have to have the right marketing strategy. When I decided to use social media as one of my funnels in building my network for my business, I worked with a coach. My coach used to say this: "Build it, give value and help people get the results, and enough will join."

I have been building relationships with all the people I have on my network. Some of them took some of my offers, classes, and training, and some even work one-to-one with me. How awesome is that, right? If you noticed, I used the word some because we all know that there's a certain percentage of people in your network that will mostly convert, and the rest will take time. There's no secret that building relationships are the key to whether they will take your offer or not. So simple, right?


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5 Common Lead Gen Mistakes That Kill Conversions

Any of these sounds very familiar? Can you relate?

  • No one clicks my links, and it's like a ghost town here!
  • I thought it was so easy to make money online.
  • My friends and family are unsupportive of my business. 

Let me share my story with you.

The year 2015, when I started my first Direct Sale business. I was working fulltime, and I needed a side-hustle that I could do from home. I was so excited about the product and services. The company set me up with a website, and it was all online business. I told myself, "it's a piece of cake. I can make a profit here every day."

Guess what happened? Epic fail! Nothing happened! I can count the sales (hardly any) I had for those months. I even reached out to my friends and family. They supported me from time to time, but I couldn't keep selling to them. What went wrong? I didn't have any marketing strategy to find customers for my business.

We all know that an essential part of any business is customers. Our customer list is one of the...

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6 Strategies You Need To Start Doing to Attract More Leads and Increase Conversion

Do you remember the golden rule? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I always remember this growing up. If you treat others with respect, you'll gain respect, and when it comes to social media, what you give to others is what you will receive. 

 So let's dig deeper into these six strategies that you should be doing now to create a human connection to your audience. I will share a few skills that help me in building my following, and hopefully, it will help you too.

1. Create human connections with those you wish to influence. Whether you're trying to influence one person in your Facebook Group or thousands of people on your Instagram, building rapport is everything. Establish trust with a level of respect, and this will directly affect your ability to influence others. There are many ways to develop a relationship: 

  • Share something that your audience can relate to.
  • Be genuine by building trust
  • Ask questions to get to know more about...
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Quick & Easy Way To Gain Social Media Followers and Boost Engagement


I know you’re struggling if you're not doing social media the right way, but I am here to help. You see, I’ve been there before, so I know how it feels. I am not a guru but I am passionate about sharing what I am learning and helping others. It's not an overnight success but my goal every day is to connect to at least 1-3 people or more and build the relationship. I do it consistently and by the end of the month, I know at least  30-90 people. I know you can do it too.

This is the reason I created this guide to share with you. These steps are like a gold mine for me and they work every time I used them and hope it will work for you too.

These steps are really basic and simple. Watch the video and download the infographic and checklist. I've shared a lot of golden nuggets in this video. The infographic can be used as your everyday cheat sheet. In this video you'll learn:

  • Tips on how I am adding an average of 25 - 30 new people on my Facebook Group.

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Are you helping your customers find you on your social media networks?


[1 min 47-sec read]

You won't regret reading this if you are a marketer. Are you helping your customers find you on your social media networks? Let's talk about SEO and Keyword Search and how it can help create relatable content for your audience.


I've been hearing about "keyword search" and how vital this tool is for us marketers. Do you use it? Do you know what it means? Do you know how it can help your business gain visibility on social media?


I love learning new techniques, and I love to share what I am learning, as well. So let me share what "keyword search" really means and how it can help with your business cash flow.


Keyword research or keyword search (or SEO in today's modern world) is simply the process of discovering the terms people use as search queries in search engines. With the use of core keywords, you can create quality content for your social media, blogs, or websites. But how it helps marketers, it gives marketers an insight into what people...

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