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5 Common Lead Gen Mistakes That Kill Conversions

Any of these sounds very familiar? Can you relate?

  • No one clicks my links, and it's like a ghost town here!
  • I thought it was so easy to make money online.
  • My friends and family are unsupportive of my business. 

Let me share my story with you.

The year 2015, when I started my first Direct Sale business. I was working fulltime, and I needed a side-hustle that I could do from home. I was so excited about the product and services. The company set me up with a website, and it was all online business. I told myself, "it's a piece of cake. I can make a profit here every day."

Guess what happened? Epic fail! Nothing happened! I can count the sales (hardly any) I had for those months. I even reached out to my friends and family. They supported me from time to time, but I couldn't keep selling to them. What went wrong? I didn't have any marketing strategy to find customers for my business.

We all know that an essential part of any business is customers. Our customer list is one of the greatest assets in every market. But let's be honest here before you can have a paying customer; what you need first is to build a robust network of leads so that you can convert these leads to customers.

How Do You Build Your Network? If you need in-depth training on how to create a lead magnet or lead generation system, get your solutions here, I have 50 plus ways how to build your network and leads.

Change just one of these 5 Common Lead Generation mistakes and watch your list grow without spending all your money with FB ads.


  • You're always prospecting, and you're not marketing. Okay, let's discuss this for a second and let me share with you the difference between prospecting and marketing. Prospecting means you are approaching a stranger that might not have any interest in what you're providing. Marketing means you get people calling you that are already interested; Marketing is attracting the client instead of finding the client.


  • You're not always building your list. Zero leads = zero profit. When you grow your list of leads, you won't ever have issues signing up people in your business. Just remember some will sign-up immediately, others will wait, and someone will always be ready to join you and take your offer.


  • You're not providing the high-value result. Focus on the needs first and do so to the best of your ability. Focus on providing your customers with the solution to get results. When you keep your customers happy, your customer's retention grows higher, and it also brings a good relationship for new leads.


  • You're not clear on what you offer. Skills and expertise connect with what you offer. When you're clear with your offer, and you're on the right niche, your customers and fellow marketers will connect with you better. Remember that it's all about building relationships.


  • You focus too much on the usage of the products and services. Focus on solving problems and getting the result. People will do everything to get the solutions and results. Focusing on these two pillars will create greater heights in your business.

Can you see how this might be a better way to approach your business? If you ever want to grow your business, have leads coming your way, plant the seeds for growth. Need more assistance in building your network?

Learn how to nurture your relationship with your leads. It's a lot easier to get customers from leads that are approaching you, rather than trying to convert a complete and unaware stranger. Now imagine the feeling of having qualified leads coming to your inbox every day, ready to buy from you and ready to build a relationship with you because you have something that they are looking for.

What valuable lessons did you learn from the blog? Share it below. We love to hear from you.


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