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5 Common Lead Gen Mistakes That Kill Conversions

Any of these sounds very familiar? Can you relate?

  • No one clicks my links, and it's like a ghost town here!
  • I thought it was so easy to make money online.
  • My friends and family are unsupportive of my business. 

Let me share my story with you.

The year 2015, when I started my first Direct Sale business. I was working fulltime, and I needed a side-hustle that I could do from home. I was so excited about the product and services. The company set me up with a website, and it was all online business. I told myself, "it's a piece of cake. I can make a profit here every day."

Guess what happened? Epic fail! Nothing happened! I can count the sales (hardly any) I had for those months. I even reached out to my friends and family. They supported me from time to time, but I couldn't keep selling to them. What went wrong? I didn't have any marketing strategy to find customers for my business.

We all know that an essential part of any business is customers. Our customer list is one of the...

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