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About Us

About the Coach

Hi My name is Faye and many of you know me as the founder of the online communities in Facebook called Create, Share, Educate and She Is Power Group.

I am a social media and digital product tech, coaching female entrepreneurs Facebook for Business.

My background is Computer Science in programming, graphic and web designing and I’ve been in the tech industry for over 13+ years now managing projects, teaching and sharing what I know with others, how to navigate tech, and helping others build their Facebook Online communities.

I mentor female entrepreneurs strategies on how to use Facebook for Business without getting too overwhelmed and over-stress.

I am here to help you create visibility on Facebook for your business. So you can get more traffic rolling.

More traffic means more leads, more customers and more income.

About She Is Power Membership Site

Our She Is Power Membership Site contains a lot of resources such as eBooks, training videos, eCourse, and other tools that can help you grow your Business on Facebook


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