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Shift your Social Media Marketing this 2020 with these 5 Simple Proven Strategies

I get this question a lot when I am coaching Social Media Marketing. Can I turn my social media followers into a revenue channel?

Being successful online is challenging but doable. To make followers into a revenue channel, you have to have the right marketing strategy. When I decided to use social media as one of my funnels in building my network for my business, I worked with a coach. My coach used to say this: "Build it, give value and help people get the results, and enough will join."

I have been building relationships with all the people I have on my network. Some of them took some of my offers, classes, and training, and some even work one-to-one with me. How awesome is that, right? If you noticed, I used the word some because we all know that there's a certain percentage of people in your network that will mostly convert, and the rest will take time. There's no secret that building relationships are the key to whether they will take your offer or not. So simple, right?


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