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Shift your Social Media Marketing this 2020 with these 5 Simple Proven Strategies

I get this question a lot when I am coaching Social Media Marketing. Can I turn my social media followers into a revenue channel?

Being successful online is challenging but doable. To make followers into a revenue channel, you have to have the right marketing strategy. When I decided to use social media as one of my funnels in building my network for my business, I worked with a coach. My coach used to say this: "Build it, give value and help people get the results, and enough will join."

I have been building relationships with all the people I have on my network. Some of them took some of my offers, classes, and training, and some even work one-to-one with me. How awesome is that, right? If you noticed, I used the word some because we all know that there's a certain percentage of people in your network that will mostly convert, and the rest will take time. There's no secret that building relationships are the key to whether they will take your offer or not. So simple, right?

In today's blog, I want to share basic simple proven strategies that helped me in growing my network and helped me attract highly targeted leads for my social media and content marketing business. Follow these steps to get off to a fast start.

  • Choose your platform and decide to do something. Decide on which social media platform you want to grow and nurture. Choosing one platform to grow will help you be more productive. Besides, it would help if you still had time to take care of yourself and your family and not just be on social media all the time.
  • Schedule time to plan your content. Most entrepreneurs don't decide to fit their social media activities consistently. That is, they do it whenever they have time. This is the wrong approach. Planning your outreach with high-quality content will get you to grow your network on social media. Post with intentions of giving and offering high value that gives your audience the result. When you plan your content, you will be able to sleep at night because you'll be ready to share valuable content with your audience the next day. 
  • Utilize content marketing strategy. Consider 80% of your content should be learning plus giving value, and 20% of your content should be growing your business and making a profit. Most marketers tend to do it just the opposite and are never successful because of it. When you create high-quality content that your audience can relate to, this builds trust and rapport. When creating content, remember to state the result, not the process, "What people care about is only their problem, their pain, and the solution. No one wants to go to the store to buy a drill. They want a hole." 

Another key element is also understanding your social media sales funnel, such as your existing sales processes, buying process, and the conversion rates. Then optimize your path to conversion.

  • Market yourself to be a credible leader. There are 2.37 billion users on Facebook, one billion users on Instagram since 2018, and 260 million users on LinkedIn. This tells us that you will never run out of people to network too. The question is, how can people find you and your service from all the others that are providing the same service? In short, how can you stand out from the crowd from everyone else doing the same business? What does your social media say about you? Your social media profile and social media feed tell everything about you, so if you want to build visibility and credibility, you need to update your social media profile from time to time and use keywords that are related to your business. 
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people that are successful at what you're trying to do. Find a social media online community that can be a source of inspiration and motivation to you. Spend at least 3-4x a week connecting with your social community, engage in the group post, help a group member, and remember even if it's in social media, the human connection still wins.

It's not an overnight success, but with the right strategies, you can build a social media following and turn followers into friends, leads, and customers using these 5 Simple Proven Steps in building a sustainable business.

What valuable lessons did you learn from the blog? Share it below. We love to hear from you.


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