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Creating Balanced in an Unbalanced World


My friend, Annabel Kandiah, a life coach, author, and speaker who helps women balance their lives, unleash their true potential, and allow them to live the life they want is taking over our Tuesday Facebook Live tomorrow morning. 

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves.

I personally invited Annabel to speak about the Seven Oola Accelerators that will help you get to your goals faster. 

She will talk about “Blockers” which are traits that we subconsciously use to keep ourselves from living an amazing life. “Blockers” are the everyday responses, beliefs, and self-talk that keep us from pursuing our goals and focusing on our future. They’re the junk that keeps us from showing up fully, thinking of ourselves as worthy, or asking for what we need in order to be happy.

How To Be Unstoppable And Take Your Business To The Next Level? Adapt these Oola Accelerators #ReadySetGo

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