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3 Quick Tips To Boost Productivity This Long Weekend

Summertime is here! Do you have a long weekend or vacation coming?
Just because you cannot physically be at your desk on holiday may bring some serious challenges to your business. You are bound to have some busy days before the break, and even busy doesn't mean that you can't make the most of the time. You have to get some things done before you go.
The following three tips will help you and your business maintain momentum during a long holiday weekend.
Number One
Throughout your busy days, there may be times when you are not able to return a call or an email. Instead of letting it slide for another day, you can use automation tools to reply quickly with a pre-written message if an urgent question needs immediate attention. Otherwise, schedule them for replies when you are back in the office. These tools are used correctly and efficiently to keep your customers happy without taking up too much of your time.
Number Two
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Are you helping your customers find you on your social media networks?


[1 min 47-sec read]

You won't regret reading this if you are a marketer. Are you helping your customers find you on your social media networks? Let's talk about SEO and Keyword Search and how it can help create relatable content for your audience.


I've been hearing about "keyword search" and how vital this tool is for us marketers. Do you use it? Do you know what it means? Do you know how it can help your business gain visibility on social media?


I love learning new techniques, and I love to share what I am learning, as well. So let me share what "keyword search" really means and how it can help with your business cash flow.


Keyword research or keyword search (or SEO in today's modern world) is simply the process of discovering the terms people use as search queries in search engines. With the use of core keywords, you can create quality content for your social media, blogs, or websites. But how it helps marketers, it gives marketers an insight into what people...

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