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The Power of The Personal Brand & How To Create One for Mom Entrepreneur

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Hey there! I'm Faye; I am passionate about helping moms find their passion and purpose while raising a family. When I was a kid, I saw how my mother tries to do everything to be successful while raising four daughters by herself. Talk about a superhero! Watching my mother's effort made me want to work hard, too. When I decided to pursue my passion as an entrepreneur, I did it for two reasons. I did it partly because I dreamed of creating opportunities for others, especially for all the moms. Still, I also did it for my future kids and legacy to future generations. Going after the things we want in life is scary, but creating a plan, and having support can make it all possible.


I'll share a small secret. One of my favorite ways to stay motivated is to write down my why and hang it up. I put it on my mirror. In my bedroom. On the door of the fridge. Wherever I'm likely to see it because being an entrepreneur can be hard, and so a constant reminder of why I'm doing what I do is so helpful. It keeps me on track every single day! 


On the next few pages of this eBook, you'll find my tips and tricks to creating a personal brand. It is so imperative to create something unique to you when diving into the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you're a blogger, an entrepreneur, an affiliate, or a network marketer, you won't get very far if you're using cookie-cutter content and are stuck copying and pasting others scripts. 


Your brand is the thing that will set you apart and keep you moving forward for long-term success. When building your business and setting yourself at the forefront as the expert in your field, the personal brand should be one of the first things you conquer. It's what makes people remember you over your competitors. This is how you build a lasting impression.


People are interested in people. They want to know the person behind the brand, and this is how you let them in your world on your terms.


I recommend you download the ebook and use it whenever you need a boost to build an authentic brand. Always aim for progress and not perfection. 



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