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Are you feeling left behind? 

Left behind in the social media world? Your audience are ignoring your posts. Leads are not consistently coming your way. Not sure what to post on a regular basis? No social media strategy. You’re not tech savvy and you hate setting up the tech part. Your leads are not finding your business online. It's time to find the solution.
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Content Marketing is Queen! Having Content Strategy and a Plan is the key for Consistency.

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FREE 5 Day Visibility Challenge

5 Day Visibility Challenge to build your self-confidence to create Social Media presence


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For Moms in Network Marketing

8 Branding Strategies How to Differentiate yourself from everyone else in your Company


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For entrepreneurs building a business

The 5 Keys to Building An Audience of Buyers on Social Media


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We have bootcamp and free and paid classes throughout the year. You can find our schedule of upcoming events below. Disclaimer: some events are subject to change, and we reserve the right to cancel any event if there is not enough interest. Please check back often for the most up-to-date information on where, when, and how much each class costs. If you have questions about an upcoming event or would like more information about becoming a member, please email Faye Calangian at [email protected]

Hi, My name is Faye Calangian

I teach entrepreneurs tools on how to create quality content and help devise a simple content marketing plan or strategy to stay consistent.

I coach entrepreneurs how to navigate Facebook and Instagram to create traffic and 10x this traffic for more business.

I educate entrepreneurs actions steps for building an email list and I create courses to teach different online marketing strategies.

"Faye has done an amazing job! Faye has helped me compartmentalize every step of the process in building my business. There is no question that she has not been able to answer or guide me in the right direction. She goes above and beyond to help you understand the process and with it its obstacles. And I can truly say I trust and value her opinions and advice. Faye has saved me time and educated me on building a strong foundation for my brand. Money well spent!"

Mysti, Fashion Boutique Owner

"Faye gave me a step by step guidance on how to use some online tools to make the channel visible not only to YouTube but to other social media medium too. Our biggest win is understanding how to grow our lead and create content that is valuable to our viewers through our YouTube channel Chels Vlog. Thank you, Faye, for your patience. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to apply all the things I’ve learned asap."

Coleen, Chels Vlog TV Creator

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