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6 Strategies You Need To Start Doing to Attract More Leads and Increase Conversion

Do you remember the golden rule? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I always remember this growing up. If you treat others with respect, you'll gain respect, and when it comes to social media, what you give to others is what you will receive. 

 So let's dig deeper into these six strategies that you should be doing now to create a human connection to your audience. I will share a few skills that help me in building my following, and hopefully, it will help you too.

1. Create human connections with those you wish to influence. Whether you're trying to influence one person in your Facebook Group or thousands of people on your Instagram, building rapport is everything. Establish trust with a level of respect, and this will directly affect your ability to influence others. There are many ways to develop a relationship: 

  • Share something that your audience can relate to.
  • Be genuine by building trust
  • Ask questions to get to know more about your audience

2. Be convincing. Sometimes you might feel small and insecure when you start comparing yourself to others, but presenting yourself this way won't convince anyone that you are worth following. When doing Facebook Live or sharing videos online, talk to your audience like you are talking to someone in person, look them in the eye, and present your opinion like it's an undeniable fact. Your confidence is vital. Make gestures and expressions when giving something online. Especially when you're asking your audience to buy your product and services calmly present them your offer and back it up with real results to help them with a solution. 

3. Use reciprocity and invest in building relationships. Studies show that you are much more likely to return a favor after someone does something for you. That's why when you joined a coaching group, and they give you tons of freebies, you are most likely to stay in that group because the group gives you tons of values. So if you are a service provider or a coach, you shouldn't sell your coaching instead sell your solution, and your client will hire you for coaching. Providing a solution to your audience by getting them the result is what your audience needs.

4. Consider their interests. When someone shares something to you, the question you'll ask yourself is, what's in it for me? So now think about this question for a second. What's in it for your audience to take the actions to your offer. The best way to do this is by making it clear what they'll be receiving out of the offer. Your lead might not convert right away on your first offer. But keep providing value on your offers because someone may see the benefit or someone might change their mind if you can show them the benefits they'll enjoy.

5. Be a good listener. The other party matters a lot, how much? A lot. We tend only to consider ourselves when we're trying to be influential, but this is a severe mistake. Open your ears and close your mouth. Listen to your audience! When you understand the needs of your audience, you'll know how to influence them. Use open-ended questions to get to know your audience and be a good listener by evaluating their answers to your questions. One way of getting to know your audience on social media is by asking questions.

6. Establish yourself as an authority. If you've spent time with Melissa Ricker and completed her Funnel Boss Academy on how you create an irresistible offer, your opinions on creating offers are more likely to be respected. 

Attracting qualified leads requires strategies and resources if you wish to learn more. The ability to influence others is useful both in and outside social media. Invest your time in practicing these valuable skills so that your DMs will be filled with potential clients asking to buy from you and thanking you for doing what you do. 

Tell me what you think about these steps. I want to hear from you.

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